Human Inside is a series of photos that I took on my journeys all over the world. The series show the intense contact that I made with tribal people.The images aren’t shot an anthropological or ethnic point of view, but are coming from an unconditional fascination for the beauty of this tribes in all its color and appearance. From confronting to modest, from sober to exuberant, while time is of no consequence.The tribes are very persistent in clinging their traditions and rituals; these are representing everything they know and attach value to. They show their feelings and emotions and power in an untouched manner.


Dutch photographer Henk Bothof was born in Rotterdam, The    Netherlands. Ever sinds his teenage years Henk found hisself  surrounded by artists, photographers and travellers. In the nineties Henk started travelling  around the world to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South-America, fulled by his fascination for ethnic people.  During his visits he started photographing, mostly taking portraits of tribal people. In 2005 Henk reached the profesional status as an artist and started publishing his work. 


Lonely Planet Magazine


Villa d’ Arte


Colorfull Magazine

Camera Magazine




Krant van de Aarde


Opera Gallery Singapore

Marijke Hussstege Den Bosch

WTC Rotterdam

Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

Foto Festival Naarden 

Henk was nominated in 2013 for the prestigious photocontest HIPA

2013 (Creating The Future) in the category Black and White.

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