I returned a few weeks ago from a trip to Birma for the magazine 'Grande' and for 'Krant van de Aarde'. Twelve days fully organized by travel agency Dimsum. Off course I made some beautiful photo series for my own archive that I'll be sharing with you soon. Till then, enjoy the preview!


We have new footage!
Henk Bothof recently returned from his latest trips to Namibië & Ethiopia. His latest work is a beautiful addition to his photographic collection, filled with passion and expertise.

Henk Bothof and his team in Schiedam are now in the process of defining the series for publication, but until then enjoy our november preview with exclusive footage from Ethiopia.

Henk Bothof is already organizing his next photographic journeys in the near future. And while already returned from a visit to Birma and with several visits in the agenda for the spring, we have no doubt that there soon will be more exciting journeys with unique photographic material to look forward too.

My latest trip in December brought me to Brazil where I would have the oppurtunity to visit the Zoë tribe. Unfortunately, despite our long preparation, our access was denied at the very last moment.
The Zoë tribe is very much protected against Western influences, therefor the requirements to get in are really high. Nevertheless we got to make some new contacts and explored some new grounds. Brazil is a beautiful country and I will definitely try to see the tribals again soon! Maybe this summer?! Who knows!

For the end of this week I've planned an 8 day trip to Namibië with my dear friend and journalist Angelique van Os. Together we're going to write an article for a magazine with of course some beautiful pictures. The trip to Namibië is organized by Untamed Wildlife. [untamed wildlife site] The've arranged an exciting journey filled with unique activities like visiting 'Desert Rhino' and walking trails like 'The Black Mountain Trail'!

Till next week,







This picture was taken by Muluken Girma, our guide while traveling through Ethiopia. Here you can see me taking a portrait shot of a Surma girl in Kibish.